Thursday, July 24, 2008

A very special baby wrap

I am so excited to have finished this project! I have been plotting and planning this for months and finally got up the courage to order the items needed to make this project happen.

So silly me, I didn't take a before picture of baby n and me snuggling, ah well, so is life. Anyway, I bought a woven baby wrap to try out wrapping, I did okay with it but ended up tearing the fringe on it, I thought it would be okay, but the tear kept getting worse.

Here's the tear and the coloring of the wrap, it is a very plain khaki/greenish color (the company calls it Aloe) that looks terrible on me (but is snuggly) and has a torn fringe. Bummer. Then on, mamas were posting wraps that they had made into mei tais and podegis. An idea formed for me! So I decided to give this poor wrap a bit of a makeover :)

First, I popped it into a dye bath of Carribean Blue (from Dharma Trading Company), absolutely georgous color of greeny aqua blue!

Here's the drying in the sun picture, but that didn't take care of the tear or the fact that I couldn't use it in a back carry (my prefered method of carrying baby n). So I hit the sewing room and...

Emerged a lovely podegi! I added some fabric I love (and I have a matching handbag you might recall) to spruce it up a bit.

No baby carrier sewing session is complete without an 'action' shot! So my special to me wrap is in use once more- yay for sewing! :)

Love Annmarie

Monday, July 21, 2008

Anna Tunic

Been doing a bit of sewing. :) Decided that since I was complaining about not having clothing that fits I should do something about it! This week I sewed up the Anna Tunic pattern by Amy Butler, have used a few of her other patterns and enjoyed the results and I think this pattern is (for the most part) another winner. My only complaint is in the actual paper pieces. I cut pieces left to right, (being left handed has something to do with that I think) and managed to get confused cutting the back body of the tunic as the size lines were not marked close to the edge. I ended up having it about 1/2 an inch too short (I fixed the pattern after, but unfortunately could not fix the cut fabric) and it really affected the fit of the tunic. It sits a little higher on the neck and under the arms. So I guess what I am saying is, double check before cutting!!

I used some lovely fabric from Heather Bailey's Freshcut Line. The belt matches the top and the hem is bias tape made from coordinating fabric from the line.

I have a close up pic of the buttons, but I am not sharing as I have a crooked line of stitching I need to fix! Covered buttons in same material as hem tape :)

Okay I changed my mind, no laughing at the crooked stitches!

On a whole a very easy pattern to sew, I think it definitely needs to be lined as the lining helps the underarm seam lay nicely. If you have never sewed a curve it may prove challenging to turn and top stitch the yoke. :)

And that is basil in the colander, I made pesto last night! YUM!

Just for fun, (yes my eyes are closed my darling husband said this was a great picture and need to take no more, sigh) a pre-walk picture. The new addition is Ginger, we adopted her from the animal shelter, she is a very sweet 5 year old Russel Terrier mix that the boys adore. (and for the babywearers that is Girasol Peacock that baby N is wrapped in. :)

That's it for today, have a super project I am working on and should finish in the next couple of days!

Love Annmarie

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Summer Fun

Been busy busy last month, nothing like a tornado, hail storms and power outages to keep life interesting. Oh and a canceled vacation (due to the van breaking down on the side of the road an HOUR from home! :( It's fixed now :) I did manage to sneak in some sewing before we embarked on our failed trip, so now I just get to enjoy everything at home!

First, I gotta brag a minute. This is the first house we have lived in that I can have a garden and well I am excited to say it is moving along quite nicely!

My lovely hibiscus Mother's Day plant. Fab huh? There has been too many blooms to count!

hmm looks like I didn't upload the garden pics I will have to do that later, but you can see part of my herb garden in the background of the hibiscus picture :).

First up is my mess of needles, oh it was bad bad. Couldn't even zip it up!

Much better, all of the knitting needles are nicely nested and organized :D

The crochet needles and project bag. Four skeins of yarn fit in that bag!

Another Amy Butler Barcelona skirt. I picked up this fabric on a whim in a coop thinking it would be lovely and summery. It was perfect for the 4th of July celebrations! I also altered 2 other skirts smaller so I have a few more clothes that fit!

A super HUGE diaper bag, fits everything and then some, and matching wristlet. The beige fabric is linen; the inside (which I didn't take a picture of) is Amy Butler Full Moon Polka dot in blue, coordinates nicely :)

Wetbags (for cloth diapers, wet clothes, etc) the blue owls is hanging and hold at least a day and a half of diapers! the orange is minkee (and the stitching is wonky durn PUL, but it works), the skulls is wipes and spray bag and the blue is for cloth pads :)

That's it for now got a few knitting/crochet projects going- ohhh I gotta take pictures of the yarn swift Kev made me! It's awesome! And I am hoping to make some clothes that fit (lost all the baby weight- yay! ALL of my clothes are too big and falling off of me -boo! and embarrassing!)

Love Annmarie