Sunday, August 31, 2008

Serger Fun

I got a new serger (where's the happy dance smilie?) any day I can play with a new toy...err I mean tool is a good one! I have been sewing (or is it serging?) away and after figuring out the tension and looper stuff, I've managed a fair number of projects!

Preflat diapers. Like prefolds but the absorbant layer isn't just in the middle, it's the entire width and length of the diaper and much easier to sew. Also, easier (for me at least) to use because the materials I use are knit and are stay snug even when I do a terrible job snappi-ing.

ETA: 17 Nov
The preflats were fairly easy to make. I used my existing prefolds as a template for size. The most important part is the rise, my little guy has a rise of about 17 inches so I decided 14 x 17 would be an ideal finished size. I cut 3 layers of fabric 18 x 15 along the selvage (so the stretchy part is side to side when worn, like a t shirt). The next to skin fabric is either cotton velour or bamboo velour, the absorbent middle was hemp fleece, hemp jersey (did two layers of jersey as it's a bit thinner) and i think one was bamboo fleece. I surged the side seams inside out making sure to catch the inner layer so it wouldn't bunch, then turned and surged to top and bottom. I have found that knit fabrics snappi really well but the bamboo velour is a bit more difficult to snappi but works with pins. I got the idea from PB & E on hyena cart. The doublers on the top part of the stack in the picture where just made from left over material and are about 17" long by 4-5" wide. :)

My attempts at low immersion dyeing on bamboo velour. (Also preflats).

Ten minute Petchy pajama pants. I used a pair of beat up no elastic left pj pants as my pattern. Really only about 10 minutes of cutting and sewing with inturuptions much longer of course!

A two seam shirt, I got the idea from a one skein yarn book the shirt is cut with the center front and back as the seams.

More 10 minute pants for myself and little i :) That's all I have pictures of for now!
Love Annmarie

Dye and Cut

Nothing like a good dye job and cut to make a girl feel better. What? Haircut? No, no, a baby wrap of course! I am on a wrap dyeing and cutting kick. It's very fun; I can see why people love wraps turned into mei tai, they are super comfy! :)

Before cut and after dye. This was a silver waves wrap that I dyed avocado. In case you are curious wrap cutting is not for the faint of heart. After I made the first cut I had a minor freak out and felt I needed to lay on the couch! But i did finish the job and ended up with:

It's lovely, soft, lightweight and supportive. Oh and I made a detachable hood! It is sweatshirt style, meaning I used one of my sweatshirts as a pattern!

No action pic with the hood, we tried, we really did, but baby n was not liking the hood at all (i only use them when he is sleeping) The hood attaches to snaps that are hidden in a shallow 'pocket' (it's about 1.5 in deep) so they don't annoy us when the hood isn't in use :)

Okay I have more projects to post but getting the pictures situated is annoying me so I will do a new post!
Love Annmarie