Sunday, November 16, 2008

Assembly Line Sewing

Little i was in need of some pants (or trousers for those not in the states ;) everything in the stores were either blah or too short in leg so it was time to hit the sewing machine assembly line style. All of the pants are cut exactly the same using the 10 minute pants/one pattern piece method but they are different and fun!

The two pairs on the left are fully lined, the cars print is a totally awesome linen blend from echino and the polka dot are a super soft baby wale corduroy.

Close up of the outerspace and cars prints.

In action! Long enough with room to grow. And no I have not told him Wall-E comes's out on Tuesday, I think it will be more fun for him to see the video in store (and less annoying for me!)

That's all for now, had a sick baby this last week so didn't get too much done. :)


Monday, November 10, 2008

Please don't make me wear it!

Please? I mean come on mama; who wants to wear an adorable hand knit sweater? Not ME!

:sigh: well I got the vest done and he hates it. bummer. no surprise really the more excited he is about a work in progress the more he seems to dislike the finished product. Maybe he will like it next week.

Better pic of the vest. I added two extra rows at the shoulder as some of the comments said the head opening was too small.

Vest pattern is from warm woolies

A pixie hat to match. Baby n was not the intended recipient by he was willing to sit for pictures.

pattern is super super easy! from earthly fae

I still have yarn left from this project! hmm maybe i will tackle some little mittens!

I forgot to take pictures of Little i's trousers again! Maybe tomorrow :)


Friday, November 7, 2008

Knit Mama Knit!

Waiting for baby n to fall asleep in a carrier so thought I'd share a few knitting pics. :) Most of these are on my projects page on (what? you knit? and you are NOT on ravelry?!?! check it out ;), it's has an unbelievable list of patterns for everyone and great project planner. my screenname is sewzenmama!) I know lots of you don't knit so here's my watch tv projects.

Wristlets from One Skein Wonder book. The boys helped 'sew' these so i think i started over at least three times on each wristlet but they turned out pretty nice and are so soft and warm enough for holding the cold steering wheel, but allow me to buckle the boys into their seats (impossible to do with gloves!)

With the leftover yarn from the wristlets I made a little headband that matches. I kinda made it up as I went so I am quite pleased with myself that it turned out. oh and wool blend yarn is sticky enough to stay in my slippery hair!

Work in progress, a little vest for little i, he was so excited to try it on.

it doesn't fit yet mama, sew some more! (everything is sewing lately)

another work in progress. TBW knitalong scarf, it's nice to have a couple different stitches to try out, now the real question is: what color to dye it...


eta...don't know why the pictures were so odd sorry about that! should be fixed now

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dr Wall-E and Bewitching Emmeline

I am a little late posting this. I was debating about not posting because the project was such a pain in the a**, but not everything can turn out perfectly so without further ado I present...

Dr Wall-E!
(and Mr I... get it?)

This was my first year making a Halloween costume, we had been moving or I couldn't find patterns/fabric/time. It was a paaain to sew. The sizing was aweful, neckline a mess, fabric shrank so I had to cut creatively, gah makes me not want to sew! But little i had a great time and really like it so it was worth the annoyance.

And a fun family shot. I actually spend most of my time with my eyes open, really I do. I did not make the pumpkin costume, but I did do the trick or treat bag!

On to a great pattern to sew!! The Emmeline Apron from Sew Liberated. Three coordinating Halloween Prints (which also shrank a ton- the fabric ended up being 40" wide!) My only complaint about the pattern is, yup that's right, hand sewing the bodice. I really and truely dislike handsewing and it never looks neat and tidy so I machine stitched the neck strap to the bodice.

Fun and funky purple spider print. I will definitely be making this pattern again and I think it could be modified into a cute dress.

I am currently working on some adorable trousers for little i and will enventually make my winter coat (but it is by the same company as the dr costume and I need a break from their patterns LOL).