Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Finally posting!

I started this blog about 2 weeks ago and got writer's block on the first post! I didn't know where to 'start' and what to say, but I am done procrastinating, I will write like I talk and start with recent projects. I decided to do a blog because my parents keep asking me to send pics to family and friends of the stuff I sew. Well, I didn't want to clog up everyone's email so I thought this might work better. :) If y'all enjoy seeing how I spend my 'me' time fantastic- if not no worries.

So why sewzenmama? Well my boys enjoy 'helping' me (they are 2.5 and 9 months- I think I need to add that info to the profile!) when I craft, sew, crochet, etc. Paper gets crumpled, yarn strung all over the living room, and fabric is used as capes, chewed on, or piled on for nap time. Somedays it is sweet, and somedays it is trying! That would be a bit of the zen: relax, chill, it will be okay-yarn can be rewound (thanks to a wonderful husband), paper will just stay put away for the time being, and fabric can be found and repressed.
The other day I was sewing and little i (that's the 2.5 year old) comes in to watch. I ask him if he needs anything:

-No Mama

-Okay, do you want to play?

-No mama, sew, (with lots of head nodding) sew zen mama.

-Well it looks like he helped me with my blog naming problem!

Ah and I suppose I should include a pic or two being as this is the whole point:

This is a Mei Tai (MT) baby carrier (aka Asian Baby Carrier or ABC). Little i was kind enough to help me model real quick (with only a small bribe ;)). This is a self portrait with a timer so forgive the quality please.

And this is my first endeavor into anything remotely quilty (is that a word?) A reversible patchwork apron. I used a charm pack for the patchwork side, but it would be a good way to use up scraps (which is probably why people make patchwork quilts! LOL)

And the reverse. I put my bias tape maker to
good use for the trim. I think I am about ready to tackle baby n's quilt for Febuary quilt month (well maybe I will have to make another apron just to be sure!)

And I haven't forgotten: I will do the tutorial for the guitar pick holders (or wallet?! haven't decided yet), just as soon as I get some feedback from Dad and Bro (HINT HINT) and maybe do a few reviews of sewing patterns and books i like :)
Okay it is late and it took me way too long to post this cause I accidentally deleted my pics four times.
More soon. Love