Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Orange Coats: Part 2

Part 2: Little i's coat! I had this done about a week and half ago but it has been hot and humid here. Or warm and humid. or well, humid and humid. Little i has refused to wear the coat but I finally got a few pictures today. :)

A combination of apples and pears for the hood and sleeve lining and owls in trees for the body and pockets. The pattern is Burda 9676, which is yes, a girl's pattern, but I made it work for a boy. :) I modified the pattern a bit and am pretty pleased with the results!

come on already! I want to play!!

Maybe i'll smile, maybe i won't :P
snap studs are orange and sockets green (or i could have that backwards LOL)

Super fun pointy hood.

Just cause they are so cute together!

and i have been playing with dye and wool. this is your sock yarn mom! hope you like it :) it's purplely, blue and a deep chocolate.

Part 3 is my coat, but I need to order the lining material aaaannndd.... I have been asked to be a pattern reviewer for sewmamasew blog! I am very excited! I will be sure to post pics of the project I do :)


Monday, September 8, 2008

Orange Coats: Part 1

So it seems that fall has descended upon us in the second week of September; last week I was sewing shorts and this week it's wool coats. I found some wonderful orange wool suiting at the local Joann's and decided that it would be perfect for a coat. or three. I didn't really care for any of the other colors so we will be matching this year!

One week ago: shorts and playing in the water! eta: this is NOT our backyard! :) it's a limestone slab in the middle of a creek.

This week, bundled up and enjoying hot 'totolate' (little i's pronunciation of chocolate).

Baby n was first up as he didn't have a coat that he could squeeze into. Eta: I forgot to put what pattern I used! It's Burda 9828 :D

Sleeves are a bit long but better to show off the lining!

Really Mom, I have things to do can you put that away?

Okay, okay if you must...

and since we are talking wool... Little i's craft project for the week. Dyeing wool yarn with food dye. Lovely non toxic, semi easy way for him to play with dye like mommy does.
He choose blue, green, yellow and black (he just learned what color black is). Black dye is interesting because you really never know what you are going to get! The dried yarn has some pink and purple in it. and of course i can't find the yarn to take a picture.

Next up Orange Coats: Part 2 indecisive child ends up with two different lining materials. (dun dun dunnnn....)