Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dye and Cut

Nothing like a good dye job and cut to make a girl feel better. What? Haircut? No, no, a baby wrap of course! I am on a wrap dyeing and cutting kick. It's very fun; I can see why people love wraps turned into mei tai, they are super comfy! :)

Before cut and after dye. This was a silver waves wrap that I dyed avocado. In case you are curious wrap cutting is not for the faint of heart. After I made the first cut I had a minor freak out and felt I needed to lay on the couch! But i did finish the job and ended up with:

It's lovely, soft, lightweight and supportive. Oh and I made a detachable hood! It is sweatshirt style, meaning I used one of my sweatshirts as a pattern!

No action pic with the hood, we tried, we really did, but baby n was not liking the hood at all (i only use them when he is sleeping) The hood attaches to snaps that are hidden in a shallow 'pocket' (it's about 1.5 in deep) so they don't annoy us when the hood isn't in use :)

Okay I have more projects to post but getting the pictures situated is annoying me so I will do a new post!
Love Annmarie


renee - 21st Century Parenting said...

hey mama! that is gorgeous!!!

i am dying (no pun intended... REALLY!) to chop up a wrap! but i only have one. so i will NOT be chopping it! i need to practice chopping a diy wrap that is MUCH CHEAPER fabric! lol

nogo54 said...

ah hit fsot!! or ebay, loads of cheap wraps that have been well loved :)