Thursday, October 9, 2008

One Skein Knitting

Time always seems shorter than all of the projects I want to complete. Especially knitting projects, so I've been doing some small one skein projects. Ohh and I dyed some more yarn! That's fun and quick too, it's interesting to see how the colors combine and knit up.

Look Mama! I can knit too! This Cascade 220 yarn that I dyed.

Some lovely hand dyed yarn in fall colors, green mostly felted bowl from 101 designer one skein wonder book. I think I need to felt it more my washing machine is extra gentle on clothes which doesn't make felting very easy! Finished scarf. I got Super Stitches Knitting book and have been trying out some different stitches, I did a basket stitch on the ends of the scarf and along the edges.

I am currently working on some black and purple knit babyleggs. Little i had declared that his favorite color is purple so I thought purple and black would be fun for Halloween. Oh and I finished my first pair of socks but completely forgot to take a picture!

That's all for now :)


Anonymous said...

that picture is too cute! And I'm so jealous of your dying skills. I've only tried to dye one thing....lets just say it wasn't too gorgeous!

Annmarie said...

oh I am not sure I would call it skill, i have a lot of help from color wheels and everything is an experiment!