Friday, April 10, 2009

Skirt and Tee

I realized when I was uploading these pics they are all skirts and tee shirts! Didn't even realize I had been doing that :).

A boatneck tee (on little i) from ottobre 1/09 the neck was odd and fiddly, but ended fine.

Corny (ahahahaha, yes dad that is for you!) tees for the boys. Such a fun print and very appropriate for our location: middle of nowhere Kansas.

Ooga booga tee for little i, this is another one of those I can't believe I can buy this fabric reprint!

Barcelona skirt, the flowers are embroidered, so this was a must line skirt.

Another barcelona skirt with the apron overlay and a yellow ruffle tee to match.

The reverse of the apron overlay. I've been planning this skirt for almost 2 years! I am so glad I finally sewed it up :D

We had a suprise snow storm the end of March. Just when everyone was ready to plant seeds and get the gardens going. I was so irate that I couldn't work on the garden, I sat down and knit some thick warm house socks. Worsted weight knits so fast for socks! Anyway I had this great orange superwash (mission falls 1824 wool) in my stash that I had planned to make babylegs but the boys said, no don't want any. :P

They are a little loose round the ankle but that's perfect for around the house.

After the snow was all done we went out and played for a bit.

My sad attempt at a snowman.

Look snow!

Maybe next week I can plant my garden...


Grampa / Dad Tom said...

From Dad / Gmpa T
little n = wild thing YUP, I think it'll fit (-:
You catch some wonderful expressions on the boys in those shots, the Snow one, and the first one. Oh, my, mischief lives between those ears.
You do make the coolest stuff.

Dad/grandpa said...

I was cornfused by the comment, but I finally corncluded what you meant, like just today,
I corncluded you are a very punny person. (-;