Monday, June 15, 2009

Fiddling with Patterns

You know how sometimes you get a new pattern and it's just not perfect so you keep fiddling with it? And all the time trying making something just a little different. That's today's sewing. I've been trying to find some good tee patterns for me and decided to pull from the Sew U Home Stretch book. It's fun to see how the pattern can be altered just a bit to get something different.

The first 3 on the left are all essentially the same pattern. The sleeveless are, well, just sleeveless. I think there is an error in the book for the sleeveless pattern as it calls for 15" ribbing for the neckband and that is way way too short! But it did make a cute gathered edge in front. The last two tees are from Woman's Ottobre. The blue is a plain sleeve raglan and the black is the pleat sleeve (I posted the black before.)

A slightly better picture of the pleat sleeves.

A couple of fitted diapers for wild thing. I always do something wrong when sewing diapers and I totally forgot the elastic on the waist on the doggie diaper. ah well.

That's all I have pictures of for now. :) Happy June, We have lightening bugs out here finally!


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Lisa said...

Love those t-shirts! One of these days I will wander into the land of making clothes for ME! :)

And since you sew diapers, thought you would like to know about this contest for handmade diapers: