Monday, February 11, 2008

Hoping for Spring

I hope everyone enjoyed Super Fat Tuesday. We did, made some red beans and yes, yes, I yet again forgot to make the rice! Everytime. Good thing beans can just simmer and cornbread can warm. :) I completely forgot to thank my wonderful friend Denise for loads of info on Louisiana and Cajun cooking: Thanks girl!

Anyway, I didn't mean to go missing for over a week, but the internet has been sick. Did anyone elso notice? I couldn't get anything to work properly: email, picture uploading, forum posting, you name it, broke. Now it's better so I am back with a few pics while we wait for warm sunny spring days. How about a little bouquet...

of buttons!! Yes really! Now that I have long enough hair for baby n to pull, I have two options: chop it off again and be called 'sir' constantly, or put it up in a ponytail. I opted for ponytails, but wanted something a little fun, and as you can see I now have lots of fun hair ties!

A lovely mama on a forum I frequent mention fabric covered button kits. I had a deep aversion to fabric covered buttons (like some people avoid zippers) after a particulary scarring 3 hours spent fighting a covered button, which ended in my declaring defeat.

Ahh but it needn't be this way. Thanks to a nifty little tool kit:

Yes it is called a fabric covered button kit- I know how original, but whatever you do- don't get the half ball covered buttons that says no tools. Believe me when I say it is worth the extra .70 odd cents for the kit. That's what you need at the left. The tool kit: the white base and blue pusher, the back and front of the button. A paper template cut twice the size of your button, ponytail holder, thread and needle, and pretty fabric.

This is another one of those projects that is great for using scraps or even swatches.
Cut your fabric using the template and place inside the base, then place the button front inside that (shown at right). Tuck the fabric in, place back in the base and use the pusher to pop the back on. That's it! A nice smooth button with no fabric wrestling and fighting slippery metal!

Sew the button securely to the ponytail holder and volia...a pretty for your hair!

The nice part is most of the sizes, they run from 7/16th to 1 1/2, have refills, so hang onto the base and pusher. They are usually found on the notions wall next to other sorts of fasteners and not with commerial buttons.

Here's one 'in action':

It's another one of those self portraits, so again, forgive the quality-I really must have Kev take pics when he is home and awake!
So how about making yourself a little springy bouquet? They don't necessarily have to be ponytail holders: buttons also work as a brooch, on a purse or wristlet, or liven up a bit boring skirt. It really is easy as sewing a button!

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pipnmillycreations said...

Thank you so much for this post! I have been to the fabric store already and picked up a kit and some refills and am merrily making ponytail holders for myself and my 2 girls. Cheers!