Monday, March 3, 2008

It's in the Bag

That's right! The lovely minky and birds's a bag. Actually I made two bags from the Amy Butler In Town Bags pattern. Very nice pattern easy to follow and the results are pretty good (to toot my own horn). If you sew or want to sew, I can't tell you enough how much I enjoy Amy Butler's bag/purse patterns, all (that I have tried) are easy to follow and geared toward beginners.

I know what you are thinking, 'didn't she say she's making something for little i? Isn't he a boy? A bag/purse for a boy?' Well, he need to carry stuff like crayons and paper, or his little cars. And he apparently cannot just have one for each hand, nope he's gotta bring them all. He has been using mine, and well, I want them back!

In his favorite color: orange!

I thought if anyone can pull of a minkee lined bag it's a two year old!

I think he likes it!

I stablized the minky with some lightweight interfacing, it is stretchy, not a feature I wanted for this project, and it helped control some of the shedding.

Here's the one for me! Yes you are seeing yet another fabric covered button... and a hair tie, I was feeling lazy and the tie matched the bag so I used it for my closure.

The inside. There is another pocket on the other side too.

Little i, my official bag tester. In case anyone needed to know, a legos combine fits in this bag!

The corners of the bottom of the bag aren't perfectly crisp, but they are pretty good. Unfortunately, this bag doesn't fit all of the usual items I need when going out with two boys, but it will be nice for a day out by myself. :)

The whole lot altogether. The one on the left I did awhile ago, but I wanted to include it as it is the same as little i's bag. But looks so different (amazing what different fabric does for a project!)

Love Annmarie

Oh and happy March! March Madness will be upon us shortly!!


mummybuttons said...

Oh My!!!
Annmarie I adore his bag!!
I am making Solomon a birdym bag too,boys totally need bags

Kristin said...

That bag is too cute! I love orange and he is so sweet with it. Don't you love making things for your kids...they're so appriciative.

Jeanette said...

Lovely bags,my son's fave colour is orange too.
Gorgeous,and I was inspired by your fabric covered buttons.I just got back from a trip to the shops with a little kit to make some.