Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A bit boring, but sewing :)

I have managed to do a wee bit of sewing, that I can show you, that is. I have been working on secret fairy gifts so no posting pictures-that would ruin the surprise (so do customs labels, but unfortunately there is nothing I can do about that!)

First off a crazy kid pic.
No Mama, I really prefer to play the piano with my FEET!!

I think I officially have a furniture climber, and I was so lucky with little i...

And on to the sewing :) Coffee sleeves much cuter than those cardboard ones!

Cloth wipes and pocket diaper inserts. The cloth wipes were made with large pieces of scrap fabric and reverse to cotton velour or hemp fleece (nice and soft). The pocket diaper inserts are made with microfiber cloths (from the Walmart automotive dept) and hemp jersey/fleece.

Oh yes! I forgot about this project! I finally download all of the pictures. These were a pair of linen capris that I wore after baby n was born. I lost the baby weight a lot faster than I thought I would so these were ill fitting way before I was ready to give them up. So they got revamped!

Into a skirt! I really liked the drawstring waist and the pockets on the capris so I kept that and cut out some of the bulk and droopy bottom by adding a panel of fabric in the front and the back.

Lovely, light and breezy perfect for summer, if the weather here can decide to play nice!

That's all for tonight hopefully I will be sewing more soon. :)

Love Annmarie

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Solveig said...

Just popping in to say I've tagged you on my blog if you wanna play :)