Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A few random projects

Haven't really been doing much sewing, we've been taking turns being sick this past month. But I finally finished up a few projects so I thought I would share.

Pair of wide leg lounge pants. I had initially made a regular elastic encased waistband, but got some cotton/lycra fabric in the mail and decided that a yoga style waist would be fun to try. I now have 2 more pairs of pants in the mending pile to convert to yoga style waistband. No idea what took me so long to try it!

A raglan style night dress to try out a new pattern. (it's new look but i don't have the number off the top of my head)

A fun springy top also to try out a new pattern, I really like this one! (also new look, i think...)

The back. The pattern called for the back to be cut in two pieces but i was feeling very very lazy so I cut on the fold and just cut the slit down to the notch for the keyhole opening and finished the edge like the pattern directions.

finished up the froggy socks for baby n. I was being to think this yarn didn't want to become socks (or the kid didn't want it too) cause the boys frogged it too many times to count. Broken needles. Cast on the wrong size. You name it, it's gone wrong. Anyway, finally just sat down and worked on them (it had been sitting in my diaper bag) and I think they are really cute!

A solo sock for me. I had every intention of making a second sock but the second skein of yarn has gone MIA. So I am off onto a new project, maybe I will make mismatch for this one some day.

We finally had a nice day (with no one sick) so I dyed up a skein of sock yarn. I was going for a deep indigo, but I quite like the result and I think it will make a fun pair of socks. (It looks a bit washed out in the pic it's about 2 shades darker.)

I liked the color in the dye pot so much that I got out the wool/silk shawl that I had half dyed a while back. I couldn't decided on a color for the cream side so I had left it for a while and decided on a whim that this blue would be perfect! I love how it turned out! Totally different than anything else i have. :)

Attempting to take a picture with the wind blowing, lol, didn't turn out well. In case ya can't tell it's gradation dyed (darker at the edge gradually fading to the cream in the center.)

I am doing a bit of mending/altering right now and working on my first Cookie A sock pattern! Oh and I got all of my fat quarters from the sewmamasew swap! I need to take pictures and share all of the wonderful goodies and notes.

Take care,

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Tom Hillesland said...

And the fabric is blowin' in the wind. I was going to the BOTTOM of the whole blog, and must have waved over that one too fast. Cute socks on little n. And the picture of i and the sewing machine is pretty special. Did you hear yourself when he said, just 6 more minutes?