Saturday, March 7, 2009

All that dreaded sewing

Hello again, too much time has past yet again and I haven't posted. I had a sick little i this week so my time has been spent cuddling (which I love) and cleaning up sickies (which I do NOT love) and enjoying some lovely weather. I meant to try and take better pictures of the projects, but I don't think that is going to happen any time soonish, so y'all will have to take my word that they are super fabulous. ;)

A couple of months ago I decided the boys needed new and shorter curtains in their room, and at about the same time found out one of my favorite prints was being reprinted on home decor fabric. yipee!!! So when said fabric went on sale I snapped up several yards to make curtains. Once I got the fabric, I was overjoyed at the cuteness and decided it was indeed perfect for the boys' jungle themed room, and then realized this meant I actually had to sew curtains. Oh dear. I dislike curtains, we have lived in 6 different homes and have had to get different curtains in every single house and I have made 2 sets of curtains. Both of which did not turn out fantastic but did the job. Oh right, and one set was made out of sheets where all I had to do was make a rod pocket. So anyway, I fretted and plotted for a couple months on what to do about the loathed task of actually making the curtains and not just admiring the amazingly cute fabric. Finally, with a little nudge from my Mom I ironed and measured and ironed and ironed and ironed and finally, cut the fabric. :) I must say I am quite pleased with the results!

I know it is difficult to tell, but the print is Alexander Henry's 2 D zoo in blue. I tried a modified roman shade style with the ties shortened and attached snaps to the ties to hold the curtain up. It works wonderful! The boys can't mess with the curtain and I don't have to worry about long ties hurting the boys.

No I did not take the picture while dropping the camera, baby n decided he wanted in on the picture taking fun and this is the pic HE took of the curtain. Sadly, it's better than the one i took!

I decided to whip up a little fabric bin for my knit scrap fabric. I had a laundry basket but it didn’t fit in the corner very well and was difficult to lift out and actually use the scraps!

Beanbag chairs made using the Michael Miller blog tutorial. I didn’t make the inner portion of the beanbag with the stuffing material, I instead made easy to open enclosures so they can be filled with stuffed animals! They hold quite a bit, and they boys think they are great fun to fill and drag around the house. I think they are kinda lumpy to sit on but the boys don’t seem to mind and the dog likes them too. Each the pattern calls for 3 yards of fabric but I did notice that did not take into account directional fabric, so if you have a print that would look odd running sideways then get 2 yards. ;)

Duvet covers for the boys, they coordinate but are slightly different. :)

So there it is all of the dreaded sewing for the house, not my favorite stuff to sew but very rewarding (and useful!) to have it all done.


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