Thursday, May 7, 2009

Springy Sewing

More fun projects that have finally made their way onto the computer :) Hope everyone is enjoying spring!

I was inspired by some lovely outdoor pictures and decided to try it myself. Um yeah, that sooo doesn't work well in Kansas, way to windy! Anyway, from left airplane tees (and pants for wild thing) made out of a blanket from target, Boatneck tee, and sun dress from ottobre for a friend's daughter.

Red french terry pants with fun drawstring waist, board shorts (burda pattern I think). The board shorts were way way big so I took them in quite a bit and now they are very comfy.

Modified sorta wrap skirt. I had made the Amy Butler lotus dress and didn't wear the dress for about 6 months. Decided to make it into a top and skirt instead. The waist is held close with snaps and the ties wrap around the waist.

Blue Sky Hat with the brim modified to 4 inches wide and Smarty Pants capris. The waist wasn't working for me as the pattern directed on the pants, so I made it a drawstring waist.

My first 'fancy' socks. The yarn is dream in color smooshy in chinatown apple and the pattern is (free!!) Hedera from

Decided to play with dyes too! All fingering weight for socks or shawls. The middle one is an over dye, the original colors didn't look nice knit up so I frogged what little I had done and overdyed with a different blue; toned down the turquoise and evened out the odd grey parts. The right started out as a lovely rusty red until I added too much black an ended up a georgous black cherry color. I don't know if I can make socks out of this one, might need to be a scarf or shawl!

I just had to share these photos of wild thing. I had told he we needed to change his shirt because it was filthy; this is what I got.

NO mama I love my doggies.

I not taken it off.

See how sad, no take off. Doggies has pocket. Mama make more doggie then take off. K?

Little i decided he didn't like the sap in his hair from tree climbing and apparently a bath at the end of the day was not going to fix the problem for him, so he decided to cut his hair. a huge patch right up in front. Out came the clippers and he now is sporting a buzzcut, like Daddy does, Mama!



Mummybuttons said...

I love the Hedera socks Annmarie!

Mummybuttons said...

I love the socks especially ahve been busy!