Friday, November 7, 2008

Knit Mama Knit!

Waiting for baby n to fall asleep in a carrier so thought I'd share a few knitting pics. :) Most of these are on my projects page on (what? you knit? and you are NOT on ravelry?!?! check it out ;), it's has an unbelievable list of patterns for everyone and great project planner. my screenname is sewzenmama!) I know lots of you don't knit so here's my watch tv projects.

Wristlets from One Skein Wonder book. The boys helped 'sew' these so i think i started over at least three times on each wristlet but they turned out pretty nice and are so soft and warm enough for holding the cold steering wheel, but allow me to buckle the boys into their seats (impossible to do with gloves!)

With the leftover yarn from the wristlets I made a little headband that matches. I kinda made it up as I went so I am quite pleased with myself that it turned out. oh and wool blend yarn is sticky enough to stay in my slippery hair!

Work in progress, a little vest for little i, he was so excited to try it on.

it doesn't fit yet mama, sew some more! (everything is sewing lately)

another work in progress. TBW knitalong scarf, it's nice to have a couple different stitches to try out, now the real question is: what color to dye it...


eta...don't know why the pictures were so odd sorry about that! should be fixed now

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Celia said...

Lovely! lol...
I love your kid's face! Reminds me of my daily looks at home!; lol...