Sunday, November 16, 2008

Assembly Line Sewing

Little i was in need of some pants (or trousers for those not in the states ;) everything in the stores were either blah or too short in leg so it was time to hit the sewing machine assembly line style. All of the pants are cut exactly the same using the 10 minute pants/one pattern piece method but they are different and fun!

The two pairs on the left are fully lined, the cars print is a totally awesome linen blend from echino and the polka dot are a super soft baby wale corduroy.

Close up of the outerspace and cars prints.

In action! Long enough with room to grow. And no I have not told him Wall-E comes's out on Tuesday, I think it will be more fun for him to see the video in store (and less annoying for me!)

That's all for now, had a sick baby this last week so didn't get too much done. :)


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Anonymous said...

gorgeous. love the fabric.