Monday, February 23, 2009

Dirty Laundry

Yup, gonna show ya my dirty laundry today! I know y'all are terrible excited about that! ;)

Haha, see, nothing to cringe about! Just the hampers :) I've been needing to do this for a loooong time, like 6 months. My older hamper tore at one corner and was no longer performing well as a hamper. It was also ugly. New extra large sorters, they are attached with snaps so they are much easier to get off to wash if they get icky from wet towels and gross field uniforms. Not sure how the snaps will hold up so I will just have to wait and see!

A patchy scarf for baby n; I've seen a couple of patchwork scarves for woman on etsy, and had a stack of charm squares that I thought would work well, the reverse is some textured fleece I had leftover from a hat and mitten set.

Completely impractical sewing for February, a lovely aqua blue knit dress. I love this fabric and had to have it when I saw it; I had two maternity tops in similar fabric and was very very sad when I could no longer wear them! The pattern is new look 6774, it's for wovens but it's the style I wanted so decided to make the smallest size and omitted the zip. It was still a bit big so I took in a bit (about 3" total) and it fits fairly well. I used interfacing (cause the pattern called for it) for knits and i really don't love the interfacing, it's very stiff and kinda itchy. If I use this pattern again I think I will omit the interfacing but keep the lining on the bodice.

Close up of bodice, i like that the top actually crosses in front and isn't a mock cross.

I have sewed some other items but they are secret fairy gifts so I can't share them here :)


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