Friday, April 10, 2009

Birthday Sewing!

Hurrah! It's my baby's birthday, baby n turned 2 yesterday, (holy smokes 2!! how did that happen?) so what's a sewing mama to do but make a few fun birthday treats.

The outfit. Baby n is currently obsessed with dogs, so a doggie shirt it is with coordinating linen pants appliqued with a dog.

The whole birthday ensemble. The cape is from ottobre 4/04, it's a cotton pique that was unfortunately stained in the prewash by some bleeding fabric. I felt very clever making up the crown all by my lonesome; it reverses to a robot print (we had a robot party) for wearing later, fits his head prefect, and I totally had a pattern I could have used. doh. Oops, oh well, now I know for little i's birthday next month.

Enjoying a new birthday toy.

Ready to blow out the candles on the orange robot cake. Yes, yes there are more then two candles on the cake and the decorations are all squished, but that is what happens when the kids help. :)

I've been thinking that since baby n is 2 he kinda needs a new blog name, as he really isn't so baby anymore (at least that is what he tells me). I've been racking my brains for a new name, and had been coming up with zilch (don't ask how long it took me to come up with the blog name, it's embarrassing). Yesterday the coffee guy comments that baby n looked like the kid from the where the wild things are, sure enough he did and moreso, he acts like the kid from the book, so there it is baby n is now wild thing. :)

I've got more projects to post so look for another post later today or tomorrow!


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Anonymous said...

So cute! Can you believe our babies are two!? I kind of wish I had bought that dog fabric when I ordered from Kumquat. Not that I need more fabric! Very cute, though!