Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Pajamas!

Yes, yes late again, I know. Been having fun with the guys and finally uploaded our Christmas pics. I really like having matching pj's for the boys for Christmas cause I never liked the having to get dressed before we could open presents rule. Delayed the fun way too much for me ;) so I decided cute matching pj's are the way to go; still get fun coordinated pics on Christmas, and no delaying the fun! This is the first year I have made the pj's and didn't have any Christmasy fabric but I think they turned out cute. :)

Some lovely brushed cotton (super soft) sock monkeys for the pants. Hemp jersey (cause I can't find off white/cream cotton jersey LOL) tops, with rib knit raglan sleeves. Top stitching was done is red to make it more festive.

Christmas Eve (yup that's really Kev, he's home on R &R!!!)

Christmas morning! The boys had tons of fun opening presents except every time we said something was from, say Grandma Gayle, the boys would say 'Grandma open your present'!!!

I also tried wrapping a few presents in fabric, I was surprised by how easy it was to do! No tape, no cutting off too much paper; just fold tuck and wrap in ribbon :).



Viv said...

Oh, I love the matching PJ's they are so cute :-)

Ritsumei said...

Those PJ's are darling. My Mom always used to make PJs for us, though usually not matching, and they'd give them to us on Christmas Eve too. It's a fun tradition; sadly I didn't remember it in time to do it with my Monkey this year.

Those fabric gifts look great! I tried that too, and you're absolutely right: it's much easier. I think I'm going to finish my edges and probably make some bags as well.