Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Rest of the Christmas Presents

The boxes finally arrived so I can post the rest of the pictures!

First off, it seems I owe my Dad any apology, I did not include a note about the pillow I made him and he was a bit confused; sorry Dad, it's not a heat therapy pillow, but a little birdie told me you might enjoy one... ;)

A BOOK pillow for my Dad and matching eyeglass case. As you can see the loose ribbon in the middle is the book marker ;). I got the idea from a sewliberated pattern. Little i chose the fabric, the squirrel print is a lovely linen blend japanese import and the green underside it super soft corduroy. The pillow is slipcovered and the insert is muslin with two compartments. the top half is cotton stuffing and the bottom half is buckwheat hulls to give it a bit of weight.

Housewarming apron for my Mom. Patchwork squares are a charm pack from Moda (Sandy Gervais, Pumpkins Gone Wild) and the reverse is a coordinating print from the same line.

(I am taking a chance here and hoping that my brother without internet won't see this before he gets his present!)
A 'manly' apron for my youngest brother that just moved into his own apartment and coordinating flour sack handtowels. Both projects are from Simple Gifts to Stitch and really are simple!

Hot/cold therapy packs for Kev's parents, sister and bil. Little i chose the print fabric again and they are backed with super velvety soft bamboo velour (I love this fabric!!!). They are slipcovered as well so the flaxseeds don't get washed. The little bag is for my sweet nephew (who just learned how to crawl yay!!), it's a boo boo bag, also filled with flaxseed, it's perfect for kids because there is no worry about their sensitive skin being damaged by ice. (and is fun to throw! LOL)

That's all the gift sewing I did this year. I had wanted to do more, but time was too short. I do have some good ideas for next year! I am currently (finally) working on my winter coat. It was actually cold enough last week to make me think about sewing it! Annnd...I almost forgot! I know all of my sewing friends will understand! :) We rearranged some furniture in the house and all of my machines are in the sewing room! Yay! No more hauling fabric and projects all over the house. I can stand and surge (better for my back than sitting in the kitchen chair) and all of the difficult to store knits have their own storage area. :D


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