Monday, February 16, 2009

New patterns, spring sewing!

Boy do I need to keep better track of the cord thingy to the camera! I have been snapping pics all week and keep meaning to upload them but kept getting distracted in my hunt for it...

First Project: Ava handbag

Lovely pattern, easy with a fun shape and reversible

Close up of the flowers are outlined in gold gild, so it's slightly shimmery

Reverse to organic avocado twill, love this fabric!

Next project is Stella Apron, also by grand revival.

I used park slope material, i think is nice and springy.

sorry the pics are funky i've been messing with the manual settings and need to work on it.

I really like this pattern and LOVE the apron! My only complaint is it calls for prepackaged bias tape and I wanted to make my own and wasn't sure how wide to make the bias tape so i just guessed.

trousers for baby n, these match the kimono jacket, the pair on the left are quite long so they get rolled up. and the pair on the right only have elastic in the back so the front looks nice and neat.

appliqued tee from target for valentine's day. as you can see baby n had already hit the frosted cookies.
Had to share this pic! little i got a toy sewing machine yesterday (which i broke straight out of the box opps) and played with it all night. He needed just two more minutes mama and I walked into the kitchen to see this!

I think I need multiple copies of this one to share with all future girlfriends!


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