Sunday, February 1, 2009

Birthday Presents

Finished these up last week and, of course, only just found the cord thingy for my camera. It was my friend M's birthday last week and her daughter's 1st birthday the week before that. I couldn't decide what to get them and procrastinated until the afternoon of M's birthday. opps. Bad friend! Anyway, decided to whip up an apron for M and a little sun dress for the baby girl :)

Tunic dress from Ottobre 1/2009, I think it's #14. I think it's very sweet, the gathered bodice was fun for something different.

Emmaline Apron, I cheated again and only used 1 yard for the straps. The print really isn't quite so florescent.

The reverse. This fabric is really thin (like voile weight) so I wasn't sure what I could do with it, works well in the reversible apron!

Better pic of the colors.

Finally finished a pair of knit longies!! After only a year of trying to knit a pair and having sizing and stitches problems, i finished a pair. This was how baby n decided to model them for action pics. The yarn is bulky weight from knitpicks, so they went pretty fast.

Wall-e tee shirt redo. This was a short sleeve tee and the neck was tiny, poor little i couldn't get his noggin to fit. It fit otherwise, so I redid the sleeves raglan and made the neck bigger. Went a head and did long sleeves so he can keep wearing it!

Lots of projects to come :)

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sewingchick said...

Love the Wall-E redo! Great job :) I made myself some maternity short sleeve shirts, not realizing that I would need long sleeve shirts for the winter (duh!) so I did the same thing and just added some coordinating long sleeves.