Wednesday, January 28, 2009

First Bloom Spring Hoodie

Decided I wanted to make a lighter weight hoodie for spring, I found a lovely pattern for basic tees and hoodies for women and men, and decided to give it a shot. It turned out true to size, so hopefully the men's will be true to size and work for Kev when he gets home. The front and back are two different colors, but i think the layered sleeves and lined hood in both colors pulls it together.

The lavender is rib knit and the olive green is interlock both from the local JoAnn's. I decided to add a little embroidery on the pocket, just a vine and some leaves.

I read about using double strands of embroidery thread to make the embroidery stand out, I usually end up stitching the emboridery twice, to make it more noticeable; the double stranding works really nicely! Makes the stitches pop. :)

And the bloom! I knew I wanted a simple lily like flower, I was getting ready to look for clip art shapes when the new kids ottobre magazine showed up and had the prefect flower all ready to be traced!

Little bit closer up of the flower. there are red/orange seedy things in the middle of the flower (double strand of embroidery thread again :).

I actually made NO modifications to the pattern! It was long enough in the sleeves and body length and wide enough in the shoulders for me! I think the only thing I would change is the boxiness in the body, i like things to be a bit more fitted in the waist but it does work nicely for layer.

I also finished a pair of Knickerbocker inspired short for little i, but, well they look a little Pirate of the Penzance to me. Little i declared them 'perfect!' and wore them all day, so maybe I won't change them after all and take a pic once they are out of the dryer.



seemommysew said...

That looks great! What pattern is it?

Annmarie said...

thanks! so pattern number would have been helpful huh?
it's burda 7916

Tom Hillesland said...

Ann, that really turned out well, and the flowers and leaves a very nice touch.
Now, is there a way to selectively shrink a wool shirt that is just a bit too big?
Dad (-:

Annmarie said...

yay dad! you figured out how to do comments! ;P

yes. unpack your wife's machine. make her a cup a tea and find yummy biscuits. ask very very nicely if she will take it in AND offer to take her shopping for new fabric, yarn, shoes. LOL :)or throw it in the washer on cold and pray the machine doesn't felt it so small it fits your grandchildren. :D