Friday, January 23, 2009

My first ruffle project

Yup. Pretty sure. I've been sewing since childhood, but I am pretty sure I have never made anything with ruffles. Actually, I don't even think I own anything with ruffles. Obviously, when I sew for the boys the projects are ruffle free, but I don't really *do* super girly stuff. But, someone was talking about Matilda Jane clothing and I feel in love with the adult ruffle pants. So fun and different (well, for me at least!) that I had to try making a pair (remember no rtw clothing? ;)
I used a medium weight jersey brown/red heathered. So comfy to wear! My worn out pj pants were the pattern again and i just added the ruffle; it was about 1.75 times longer then the hem of my pants. I tried the ruffler/gatherer stitch on my serger but was having a bit of a user error problem. The fabric looked like it was eased instead of really gathered; gotta work on that! I just pinned gathers into when attaching to the pants and sergered (does that make sense?)

I love that baby n is trying to do tree pose too!

Ignore my poor posture I was trying to show off the pants ;P I think if I made them again I would make them a little shorter, like capri length, and a bit slimmer in the leg (that would depend on the weight of the fabric though!)

I've been working on a lint collecting UFO, It's almost done, but my machine needs a break!


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Sabrina said...

Very cute pants, indeed! Can you elaborate a little on your process of making these? I am going to attempt this because I cant afford MJ prices in this economy!!!