Friday, January 9, 2009

It's all a work in progress

I was hoping to have a finished project to post this week but I haven't finished anything. My winter coat is kicking my booty. I had to take a break (and it's 50 degrees again, not feeling so urgent to finish it) as the hem has me all frustrated. Topstitching has been a beast on this coat, my presser foot and the material are not getting along. Anyway, here's a work in progress pic for the coat:

I decided work on my sew along apron instead last night, here's a little sneak peek:

And I've been knitting another Hudson Hat; it's about 80% done and I actually used up some scraps! Guess I better find another biggish project :)

I thought I'd add a fun pic of the boys. They think popsicles are a year round treat; I think they are an outside only summer treat. Our compromise is in the wintertime they are eaten in the bathtub as they are sticky and gross to clean up :D.

Take care, hope everyone is enjoying the new year.


Denise said...

Hey Ann,
I am glad to see that you are keeping busy!! I love all your work, and I love that you are using some funky fabrics, that is so you. I can't believe that you are not shopping for 3 months WHAT!!?! But I can so relate, I have so much scrapbooking stuff, that I have been band from the Hobby Lobby. I am glad that Kev got in for Christmas. I know you were glad too. Say hi to all, especially mother and father Hillessland. Dear old mum that she is!! Every time I have tea and a digestive I think of you!

Annmarie said...

Hey Denise!
yeah the crafting stuff is exploding out of the room! mmm digestives...i should have a snack :)