Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Orange Coats Part 3

Finally, Orange Coats Part 3, my coat. I think it should be subtitled 'I surrender!!!' This coat was challenging from the get go. Had a hard time finding lining material and buttons, ran out of thread twice, machine and fabric didn't get along. So finally, last night I just decided I needed to stop sewing on it. LOL At any rate, it's as done as it's going to be, it fits (oddly that was never a problem!) and will be warm.

I used a classic peacoat shape, mid length with a vent in the back and slit seam pockets. The pattern is McCall's 5525, I ended up cutting a size 12 as McCall's tend to fit very tight in the shoulders for me and it's easier to take in than add fabric! I decided to leave off the belt as I never like having a belt on a coat. I lined it with dupioni silk in a lovely warm brown, I think the color was called gingerbread. I ended up using fabric covered buttons (note: wool suiting is thick for a covered button!) as i didn't find coordinating buttons in the size I needed. The buttonholes...well let's just say the buttonhole feature on my machine is not my favorite feature and I would rather sew 2o zippers any day!!

The hem is even i swear! I think i got it crooked on the hanger when I flipped it to show the back.

Quick run outside for some more self timer shots, coat was warm even in the wind, but my ears were cold!

Phew! Glad this project is finished :)

The trilogy, all ready for our next outing.



Jeanette said...

Lovely coat, love the colour, and how cute do they all look hung up together!

Karen said...

All three coats! WOW Great job! The coats for the little ones are so sweet! GREAT JOB AGAIN!!

Chelsea said...

Very nice! It reminds me I need to finish my purple coat.

Erin said...

I love that orange coat and I am so impressed that you made it yourself! I keep thinking, "Someday, someday, someday." As I oh so slowly improve my sewing skills.