Monday, January 12, 2009

Super Bright Domestic Goddess Apron

Finished project! Got my Amy Butler pleat bodice domestic goddess sew along apron done. Wowza that is a long name for a project. When I first saw the AB apron pattern I thought it was very similar to the Sew Liberated Emmeline pattern, I am happy to say it's not. :D The pleat bodice, waistband, and straps are fully lined and there are cute little pockets on the skirt part. A moderately easy pattern, nothing too tricky, just a bit fiddly with all the pleats on the bodice and sewing the curved pockets. The one thing I would change is topstitching the open edge on the pocket. I also think it would be fun to make it totally reversible; all that would needed is cutting an extra skirt piece and the lining bodice piece in different fabric.

I tried using my self timer for the pictures as the apron was hard to photograph on the hanger.

As you can see, I had helpers! Super bright, fun fabric, mocca mums and lime green apple. It's really super bright!!

I topstitched in pink for something different, and well, I have several spools of pink thread that have been neglected. (do you see that mischievous glint in baby n's eye?)

Yup ignore my face, trying to distract the boys from playing with the camera.

patchwork potholder, i was feeling lazy and just turned and topstitched instead of doing a binding.

ETA: Adding some detail pics ;) I realized something else I would change when using this apron yesterday; I think I will change the side that the towel loop is on, it's on the right and I am left handed so makes using it a bit awkward.


Bodice and waist.

I totally forgot about this! I made some little tags, mostly to sew the waist and necklines of clothes so the guys can figure out which side is the back. Couldn't decide on what to put on them so just went with the blog name :)

I had little i pick out some fabric for his spring wardrobe and the stack is taller than him! Glad he's excited for me to sew!



seemommysew said...

Looks great! I would love the see it closer up! Love your kid destraction skills. :)

Annmarie said...

pics added! The normal distraction is me lunging for the camera and I holler "nooooo" but that doesn't make for good pictures!