Friday, January 16, 2009

Wardrobe Starter

I've started working on little i's wardrobe. Got 5 raglan sleeve tees done over the past 2 day and made a nice dent in that stack of fabric he had picked out.

I modified the pattern I had used for the boys' Christmas jammies so it's longer in the body and a bit slimmer.
I decided to start with 2 long sleeved and 3 short. Totally awesome apple print (c &c) with some heathered grey, lime striped sleeves.

This one is a cute dog print (from JOANNS!! why doesn't my joanns carry cute cotton knits?!?! pouts.) that I got in a trade. I am really glad I did contrasting sleeves as baby n looked very pitiful when he saw that the doggies were for little i, I have enough left over to work the print into a top for baby n too!

The rest of the tops. The skulls on the right are a thermal with grey/black stripes and bright green topstitching.

Closer up of the prints. I was so excited to be able to get the robot one on the left, it had been out of print and crazy hard (and expensive) to get so I was jumping up and down excited when I found out it was being reprinted. :D

Managed to finagle baby n into his hudson hat. He decided to ham it up for the camera last night.

What a squishy tassel!

I can do it by. my. self.

Gotta go the boys are watering the plants for me...



Anonymous said...

Those are so cute! I want to try sewing with knits this year...I'm still a little scared, though!

Karen said...

Those shirts are the CUTEST!! Good Job!!